Nestlé invests in sustainable agriculture

28. September 2021
-IAM, News

Daniel Pfund, Senior Financial Analyst

Last week, Nestlé announced that they will invest 1.2 billion francs over the next 5 years in sustainable agriculture. The goal is to protect and restore the world’s food supply by helping the 150,000 suppliers and 500,000 farmers who grow raw materials for Nestlé. Regenerative agriculture plays a critical role in the health of the land, restoring the water cycle and increasing biodiversity over the long term. These measures are complementary to those already announced by Nestlé last December regarding climate and CO2 emissions reductions. As a reminder, the company aims to reduce its carbon emissions by 50%by 2030  and to be totally carbon neutral by 2050.

Concretely, Nestlé will implement coffee and cocoa varieties that will have a lower environmental impact. But the biggest work will be done in animal farms because meat and dairy products are responsible for half of the carbon emissions in agriculture. To do this, Nestlé will launch a pilot project in 12 countries, involving 30 farms, to test new regenerative methods that will allow the multinational to reach its ultimate goal of zero emissions.