The usefulness of HR

3rd October 2016

Karyn Thétaz

Regularly challenged regarding its usefulness, the function of HR is sometimes undermined either by the management or by employees.

In fact, since HR is too often seen as a cost center, businesses are often tempted to outsource this function. The logic behind this approach is often the same as is imposed on the marketing function, which is namely to offer an ROI that can justify the potential expense, or which is used to evaluate overall returns.

Quantifying the ROI of training, or the cost of the lack of it, is in fact possible. Despite this, it remains more complex and less linear measuring the impact of a good social climate on performance, even though no one would contest the notion anymore today that a company with qualified, motivated, loyal and engaged employees who are offered career opportunities will always have a competitive edge over its rivals.

IAM understands this fact, and does not envisage its HR as a purely administrative entity, but rather as a facilitator and guide for its employees through all phases in the life of the company. Convinced that having highly qualified employees adds huge value for its customers, IAM supports its employees through an attractive training policy and a talent management program. Furthermore, in order to give itself the means to realize its ambitions, that is to say not only to have HR contribute to the overall strategy, but also to allow it to be directly involved with the risk management requirements, IAM has integrated HR into the heart of its senior management.

At IAM, HR is especially entrusted with the responsibility of acting as the competence center for questions relating to personnel administration, to be the preferred partner for management and the employees because of its availability and ability to listen, but also because of its ability to act as an entity of control to ensure compliance with all rules and procédures.