Portfolio construction



We favor a rational management technique based on common sense

A recognized specialist in discretionary management mandate

Since its inception in 1995, IAM combines the advantages of independence with a clearly defined goal: the search for our clients of the best possible performance while paying a close attention to capital preservation.

In the frame of pension plans management as set by the regulator (“OPP2, ordonnance sur la prévoyance professionnelle”), IAM utilise its know-how and its in-depth knowledge of the Swiss equity market in a mandate entirely dedicated to swiss equities.
The management of this mandate is based on stock picking, with a bottom-up approach. The following criteria are key to the selection process:

  • Company positioning and long term strategy
  • Level of debt
  • Quality of the management team
  • Earning visibility

In addition to a rigorous fundamental analysis of each company, our financial analyst team maintains close contact with top management either by attending seminars or by meeting managers of other corporate representatives face to face. Among 250 companies that compose the SPI index, some 60 are actively monitored, which represent about 90% of the Swiss market. Then 12 to 30 are selected to form the portfolio.

Performance IAM Swiss Equities Mandate

  • +6.75%annualized 5 years vs SPI 6.56%

  • +1'187.17%since inception (1995) vs SPI 794.95%

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IAM has over time become a recognised specialist in institutional asset management. We manage various mandates with the requested risk profile, compliant with the legal framework for Swiss pension plans.