Switzerland target of mergers & acquisitions

13th December 2016

Jean-Louis Richard, Senior Financial Analyst

Mergers and acquisitions of Swiss companies mark the year 2016: Actelion might become part of the American group Johnson & Johnson, who according to the press presented an offer of 26 billion. A second Basel firm, Syngenta, looks very likely to become Chinese for 46 billion. Another Chinese company is close to finalise the takeover of Gategroup for about 3 billion. The Swiss stock exchange is about to lose two more well-known names: Kuoni has been bought for 1.4 billion by a Swedish fund; Charles Vögele accepted to sell itself to an Italian company for a bit less than 60 million. Another name, which has disappeared from the listing, is Looser from Zurich, bought by Arbonia Foster from Thurgau. Some companies disappear from the listing, but others appear: VAT, from St Gallen and active in vacuum technology had a successful IPO; two real estate companies, Investis and Varia US Properties, sold as well their shares to the public.