Nestlé updates its nutrition strategy

8th June 2021
-IAM, News

Daniel Pfund, Senior Financial Analyst

After a leaked internal memo that was picked up by the Financial Times, Nestlé confirms that they are updating their nutrition and health strategy. The multinational is reviewing its entire portfolio in order to orient it towards healthier products for the consumer. Nestlé used a star rating system that is used by the Australian government to evaluate its own products. The results are clear: more than half of their food and beverage products do not score well from a health perspective. This rating system does not apply to Nestlé’s entire portfolio such as pet food, infant nutrition or specialty health products, as these are regulated by other standards.

This does not mean that Nestlé wants to sell its confectionery division in the short term, as the company likes to remind people that a healthy diet must leave room for foods that are pleasurable, but should be consumed in moderation.