Record operating income for Kuehne+Nagel

16th March 2021
-IAM, News

Daniel Pfund, Senior Financial Analyst

Kuehne+Nagel published 2020 results exceeding analysts’ expectations. Operating income is even at an all-time high, despite (or rather thanks to) COVID. Kuehne+Nagel is the logistics partner of several companies linked to COVID, such as the vaccine inventor Moderna. Kuehne+Nagel is responsible for wholesale distribution, but sometimes also for local distribution, for example in the canton of Zurich, or in some German states (notably the most populated, North Rhine-Westphalia). Kuehne+Nagel has 240 logistics centers dedicated to the pharmaceutical sector and more than 3,000 employees in this segment alone. In addition, the company is taking advantage of the wave of e-commerce by handling part of the transit of goods from Asia to Europe. In order to strengthen its position as world leader, Kuehne+Nagel recently acquired Apex in Asia-Pacific.