GP de Plumelec – Rémi Cusin nabs a strong 7th

25 May 2013

IAM Cycling


“Our plan was to influence the race in the last sixty kilometers.  Aleksejs Saramotins counter- attacked the day’s break, but his attempt was unsuccessful.  Rémi Cusin managed to sprint to 7th place and Jonathan Fumeaux managed a 12th place.”


Reviewing the team’s result for this first of two races in Brittany this weekend, IAM Cycling’s Directeur Sportif Eddy Seigneur was realistic in his evaluation.

“There was a long breakaway and Alexandr Pliuschin worked but was unable to make the juncture to it.  The rest of the team waited for the final in the hopes of a coup, but all our efforts for victory were in vain.”


Returning to racing after a four month absence following his terrible crash at the Tour of the Mediterranean, Kevyn Ista pulled out of the event before the finish, however he still garnered praise from his directeur sportif.

“Kevyn had to pull out after racing 170 kilometers, but given his lack of competition, this is a very good first day back in the office.  His hard work and good recovery must be recognized and appreciated.”


IAM Cycling results on the GP Plumelec

Photos: Etienne Garnier


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