IAM Cycling very satisfied with 9 day training camp in Mallorca

23 January 2014

IAM Cycling

Sun, wind and a chill in the air, but hardly a drop of rain followed the 25 IAM Cycling riders through their successful nine day training camp on Mallorca, which ended on Wednesday.


Under the direction of Marcello Albasini, Rubens Bertogliati, Kjell Carlstrom and Eddy Seigneur, the protégés of Michel Thétaz, founder of IAM Cycling and IAM Investment Funds, racked up the miles and put in some seriously hard work in order to prepare themselves to attack the new season from the gun.  The 2014 kick off will come for IAM Cycling on Sunday, February 2nd, at the GP Cycliste La Marseillaise.


Kevyn Ista, who spent much of the 2013 season on the bench due to injuries sustained in a heavy crash he suffered at the Tour of the Mediterranean, cannot hide his enthusiasm and satisfaction to be where he is at this stage in the year.


“I definitely need to be strong at the beginning of the season since I will be starting at the Tours of Qatar and Oman.  There will certainly be opportunities there for me.  So much so that I did not spare myself, like all the rest of the guys, during this camp.  We benefited from much better conditions this time compared to last year when it rained almost every day.  This time, we were always able to ride without having to worry about the rain.  And of course the atmosphere was excellent as usual.  The new guys have immediately found their place.  IAM Cycling remains a big family.”

For his part, Marcello Albasini, who is responsible for the training, emphasized the quality of the work the riders were able to accomplish.


“The guys rode more than 1200 kilometers, averaging about 4.5 hours a day.  All went well, even if for some of the guys the tasks were not simple.  The program was based on building endurance with intensity levels higher than last year.  In fact, the mild winter, in contrast to last year, allowed everyone to be better prepared for this important team training session. 

I imagine it is a similar case for all other teams as well.  The level of the first races should then be more balanced.  But I do not want to daydream.  We must continue to work hard to be on top throughout the season.  Like the other team directors, I am pleased to see the great atmosphere that still reigns within this team.  Especially satisfying is to see how well the new recruits are fitting in without any problems.  It makes it easy to recognize that guys like Sylvain Chavanel, Jérôme Pineau, Roger Kluge, Mathias Frank and Vicente Reynes are not only great champions on the road but also in the daily life of a team.”