IAMFUNDS.CH is happy to present its new team – IAM Mountain Tschopp

10 March 2015

IAM Cycling

Michel Thétaz, founder of IAM Cycling and Mountain Tschopp, is pleased Johann Tschopp will continue his professional career by taking on a new challenge in a discipline where he has already distinguished himself in the past.


“Johann Tschopp has had a magnificent career on the road. Since he still feels physically fit enough to continue achieving great things, he will turn his attention to mountain biking where his record already commands respect. Johann was the first rider to have joined IAM Cycling at its inception in late 2012, and he has been an exemplary ambassador for the team for the past two years. In recognition of his contributions and loyalty, we have accepted his desire to transition from the road, and have resolved to help him put his foot in the stirrup by sponsoring and supporting IAM Mountain Tchopp throughout the 2015 season. Contrary to previous seasons when he was racing among the other members of the team, Johann Tschopp will be wearing the colors of IAMFUNDS.CH with the hope of shining on an individual level. That will be all for the good of the big IAM family.”
IAM_Mountain_Tschopp_JERSEY_O - copieFor his part, Johann Tschopp was pleased to be able to continue to ride his bike and take part in a discipline (MTB marathon) where he has shone in the past.

IAMtschopp_GO - copie

“Thanks to Michel Thétaz and IAM Funds, I can realize my second dream; the first was when I was able to sign a professional contract. It’s just fantastic and I sincerely thank them. I will do everything possible to pay them back and be worthy of the trust they have placed in me. I would like to play a leading role and perform well in races where endurance and technique play a key role. I’ll be looking to the World Championships, the European Championships and the World Cup.

profil IAM Mountain Tschopp 

I have had wonderful experiences, for instance, when I became Swiss Champion in the specialty in 2004 and then again when I took 2nd place in the Grand Raid in 2006. Though marathon mountain biking is not included in the program of the Olympic Games, it is very popular even if the distances and the amount of climbing can be significant. The particular difficulties should suit me well. Above all, I am delighted to be even closer to the participants and fans.”

More about the team on its FaceBook page  facebook.com/TeamIamMountainTschopp