Marco Bandiera: «I dream of a victory»

19 July 2013

IAM Cycling

His last race finished over two months ago.  Since the end of the Four Days of Dunkirk on May 5th, Marco Bandiera has had to bear his misfortune patiently.  The blame can be leveled at his painful knee that came as a result of his successful start to riding the spring classics.


Now the Italian is preparing for his return to his teammates and racing at the Trophée Matteotti, Sunday, July 28th, by joining the team’s altitude camp at Bernina and Livigno :

“At the end of our altitude training camp in May at the Hospice de la Bernina, I started to feel pain in my left knee.  I was not overly concerned and figured I would take a ten day break or something.  But that was way underestimating what would be required.  After another 3 kilometers, I could not pedal anymore.  I went to see the official doctor of the Tour of Italy, Gigi Moras, and an MRI revealed damage to the cartilage.  Three injections of hyaluronic acid proved to be beneficial.  It helped me to start feeling fit again.  So now I am ready to roll up my sleeves and work hard through to the end of the season.  I’ve never really had to suffer this sort of enforced break.  I wasn’t competing , but still had to live exactly according to my training plan.  It’s difficult mentally.” 

The support given by the IAM Cycling staff and riders to Marco Bandiera throughout his ordeal has helped him to forget his knee problems quickly.

“I gotta say that IAM Cycling is like a big family, and I am dreaming of the day I can bring home a victory bouquet to thank he guys for their confidence and support.  The upcoming Trophée Matteotti might be a bit too soon to target, but I’d really like to slam one this season still.  I’m still under contract for 2014, so I’m not fighting for a spot, but I’d really like to repay their confidence in me with a real victory.”