Matteotti & Polynormande: It heats up for IAM Cycling in France and Italy

24 July 2013

IAM Cycling

IAM Cycling has come to the end of its working vacation.  Most of the team members attended altitude training camps (Bernina, Livigno and Trepalle), which means that the IAM Cycling riders are ready and excited to kick off racing at two different fronts.


One group, lead by Eddy Seigneur, will animate the roads around the Polynormande when they heat up.

A second squad, directed by Marcello Albasini, will also face the raging heat wave on the Adriatic coast near Pescara during the Trophée Matteotti.

For this double appointment, manager Serge Beucherie, expects his riders to attack the races with the same attitude they have had since the beginning of the year.


“We begin the second half of the season now and hope to continue to influence all the races where we participate, which is something we have generally been successful doing all year.  We even hope to win some races and score points that will count towards 2014.  In Italy as in France, there will be strong competition, but we must take advantage of our fresh legs since we were not racing at the Tour.”

Trofeo Matteotti – line up


Directeur Sportif  Marcello Albasini

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La Polynormande – line up


Directeur Sportif  Eddy Seigneur

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