Objective Tour de France for IAM Cycling

23 October 2013

IAM Cycling

“If we are invited to the Tour de France next summer, IAM Cycling will have ?great things to do during those three weeks.”  


photo: Heinz Zwicky @H_Zwicky

Serge Beucherie, IAM Cycling?sports manager, responded with his usual enthusiasm when seeing for the ?first time at the Palais des Congrès in Paris what the profile of the 2014 ?La Grande Boucle will look like.

“While we do not have the winner of the? Tour in our ranks, we have done enough within the peloton to deserve to be? present at the table.  The course seems well balanced.  And if we are? present, I am sure our guys will be able to animate the race.” 

Ready to? begin his 18th season as a professional, Sébastien Hinault (39 years old) ?also will have his fingers crossed that the team will receive an invitation ?from the ASO, the organizers of the Tour de France.

“I find the Tour ?course in 2014 to be more dynamic.  Not only are we looking at the stage 2 ?in Yorkshire, but we’re also facing the cobbles in the north and a tour ?through the Vosges.  Knowing our future teammate Sylvain Chavanel’s? predilections, I’m sure he’ll be pleased with this route.” 

Eddy Seigneur,?IAM Cycling directeur sportif, emphasized the variety of stages and the ?team’s overall desire to participate in the 2014 vintage.

“There will be ?something for everyone during the three weeks.  With the team, we are ?determined to climb an additional step in the pecking order to earn an?invitation.  The motivation is to go full-on from the moment we start? training for 2014 and go make a first reconnaissance of the classics in ?three weeks.”

More about the race  letour.fr/le-tour/2014 – @letour