Pirmin Lang «Everyone has a chance at La Route Adélie»

01 April 2014

IAM Cycling

Pirmin Lang’s early season has been messed up by an elbow infection.  He found his progress delayed after he was forced to be hospitalized and put on antibiotics.  But his return to racing for the squad did not bring him much satisfaction.


“I started at the Trophée de Majorque but was far from being ready.  I piled on the work outs and went to three races in Italy where I was not really on top of things either.  My morale has taken a hit after the GP de Camaiore, Strade Bianche and Roma Maxima.  I started from scratch, and then, without having had an amazing day, I did start to begin to have the proper sensations in Stresa.”

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Considering his next appointment, Pirmin Lang spoke with his usual frankness.

“I’ve done this race twice and my memories are not amazing.  First as an amateur elite there was an enormous amount of wind.  And last year, I quit well before the finish line because the rain and the drop in temperature was astounding.  But at the Route Adélie everyone has a chance.  The course is dotted with hills and the wind can play such an important role.  We have a great team there and I look forward to helping my teammates.  One must be well positioned in these races in the north in order to do well.” 


Route Adélie de Vitré (Friday April 4)

Vitré – Vitré, 197,8 km

More about the race  routeadelievitre.fr

Directeur Sportif  Rubens Bertogliati


The Line Up

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