Stefan Denifl operated on with success

07 July 2013

IAM Cycling

Stefan Denifl is already looking ahead and talking about returning to the peloton as soon as possible.


Forced to abandon the Tour of Austria after crashing in the feed zone during Friday’s sixth stage leading from Maria Taferl to Poysdorf, the affable Austrian will leave the race with a bag of bad memories.

Having stayed Friday night under observation at the Hollabrunn hospital following the fracture of his left clavicle, Denifl went by ambulance yesterday morning to the Sport Clinic of Innsbruck.

In agreement with the medical unit HUG (Geneva University Hospitals) in charge of monitoring the team of IAM Cycling, Drs. Fink and Hoser operated successfully Saturday afternoon on the unfortunate cyclist in order to reduce the fracture.

Stefan Denifl will begin his rehabilitation as soon as possible.