Tenth victory for Elmiger and IAM Cycling at the Tour du Limousin

23 August 2013

IAM Cycling


IAM Cycling’s tenth win of its inaugural season fell like ripe fruit on the roads around the Tour du Limousin.  At the end of the fourth and final stage into Limoges, which was won by Stéphane Rossetto (BigMat-Auber 93), Martin Elmiger received, under the eyes of the region’s most famous cyclist, Raymond Poulidor, a fourth yellow jersey, signifying the overall victory.


The rider from Zug rushed to celebrate such a beautiful gift by raising a glass of champagne in honor of and thanks for the hard work that the entire IAM Cycling team and staff accomplished.  “It’s pure bliss to ride as seventh rider in the formation, behind guys you really like.  And I won’t overlook all the hard work put in behind the scenes by the staff in order so that we the riders operate only under the best conditions.”

Martin.Limou_b copie

Nevertheless, the last stage had the IAM Cycling fans and directors in a cold sweat since a breakaway of 12 riders managed to create a gap of more than five minutes.  Elmiger, the father of a two month old daughter named Julia, downplayed the danger.  “I never felt threatened.  We were in control of the situation.  We are a well organized squad and we told our director Rubens Bertogliati that we had everything in hand.  And indeed, everything was back to normal by the time we reached the final circuit.  Thanks to the hard work of everyone on the team, we met this challenge.”


Having made certain he was always well placed to help his captain, Sébastien Reichenbach confirmed the excellent work of the unified squad. “We were all singing off the same song sheet, for sure.  Everyone knew his duties and performed them without hesitation.  We never worried even for a second.” 

Before setting off to join a different group of IAM Cycling riders at the Classic de l’Indre on Sunday, Eddy Seigneur was full of praise for his riders, though he too had a moment of unease when he heard how large the breakaway’s gap had become.  “I was not convinced when our guys said that they could reduce the gap enough, but they certainly kept their word.  I must give them huge congratulations since they succeeded in defending the jersey for three days.  Particularly seeing how well they reacted and performed all week and especially on Thursday into Corrèze, this is very encouraging for the future of IAM Cycling.  We have a team, a true team, and believe me a solid team.”