Tests for Hollenstein and Wyss at The World Cycling Center in Aigle

05 June 2013

IAM Cycling

IAM Cycling is always on the hunt for perfection.


Every step requires testing in all conditions.  With the inclement weather currently plaguing Switzerland preventing Reto Hollenstein and Marcel Wyss from training on the road, they took advantage of the indoor training day to improve their positions on their time trial bicycles.


On the indoor track at the Centre Mondial du Cyclisme (CMC) in Aigle, the two professionals from the Swiss Pro Continental squad spent the day riding their time trial bikes under the close supervision of Lars Teutenberg, technical advisor from Scott bicycles, and Jonathan Fazan, chief mechanic for IAM Cycling.  Fazen spoke of the importance of this kind of testing.


“We did this sort of test a month ago with Sébastien Reichenbach and Johann Tschopp.  The changes made there have resulted in quantifiable improvements for the riders.  Having them rider at a constant speed in three minute sections provides us with valuable information about the riders’ output.  The SRM power meter provides sharp analysis of everything from their heart rate to the cadence to the speed, and so forth.  Then it is up to us to decide on what needs to be tweaked in terms of changing the measurements of things like the handlebars, the reach, the spacing of the elbow pads, etc.  With improved comfort, the rider automatically will be able to put out more power.  We can also then give advice on what each rider can do at home to improve their position through certain exercises or stretches.”  




Marcel Wyss and Reto Hollenstein will be able to enjoy the fruits of their efforts very soon when they roll up to the start line in Quinto for the first stage of the Tour of Switzerland.