Sulzer: a new management for a new strategy

14th December 2021
-IAM, News

Olivier Aeschlimann, Senior Financial Analyst

The group has announced that the renewal of its top management is part of its new strategy. Sulzer now presents itself as a leader in fluid engineering. The company specializes in pumping, agitation, mixing and separation technologies for fluids of all types. These technologies find their applications in the rapidly growing field of recycling. Thus, the Chemtech division, specializing in separation technologies, has developed a process for recycling plastics and textiles. Sulzer and H&M have a majority stake in the British company Worn Again, which specializes in textile recycling. Sulzer provides the equipment, technology, and expertise which, combined with Worn Again’s solvents, are at the heart of the process. This technology allows the conversion of polyester and cotton waste into polyester pellets and cellulose pulp which can again be spun into new fibers. Sulzer thus actively contributes to the creation of a circular economy.