Our performance in a volatile environment

8th August 2016
-IAM, Asset management

Marc-Christian Bollet, Head of Client Relationship Management

The publication of our quarterly brochures presenting the investment universe of our funds IAM Swiss Equity Fund, IAM European Equity Fund and IAM Immo Securities Fund, as well as the quarterly report World and Emerging Markets by Hugues Chevalier, economist at IAM, is an opportunity to revisit some elements of our investment philosophy.

The current economic and political environment is full of uncertainties. The recent geopolitical events, especially Brexit, have interfered with the economic perspectives. As a result the volatility of all asset classes has risen.

In this uncertain market environment, the strategy of our funds investing in equities, favoring investments in companies geared internationally with a defensive character is bearing fruit. Since the beginning of the year this philosophy has, with a lower risk ratio, mitigated the extreme market movements which we recently experienced and posted performances which are favorable compared to their reference index. This is also confirmed by the Morningstar Ratings, which place our Funds IAM Swiss Equity Fund and IAM European Equity Fund in the upper part of the table. These different elements confirm our investment strategy, which has proven itself during all different market cycles.