3rd quarter 2016: the positive evolution continues

1st November 2016
-IAM, Asset management, Gestion de fonds

Marc-Christian Bollet, Head of Client Relationship Management

With the release of our quarterly publications, we can observe, that the positive evolution continued during the 3rd quarter 2016. After the agitation in June (due to Brexit), stock markets experienced a slight rise and little volatility. The worldwide growth, weaker than hoped during the first half of the year, led central banks to maintain their accommodative monetary policies. These interventions supported equity markets but also the real estate sector, which benefits from better yields than quality bonds. A major theme during the quarter was sector rotation: investors tended to sell their defensive stocks in favor of cyclicals. These movements created performance differences. These are however often linked to fads and dim over time. This is why our investment policy is oriented toward quality stocks, with a long term visibility of profits.