Swiss quality

18th September 2017
-IAM, News, Asset management

Erika Mesmer, Client Relationship Manager

For Swiss investors, Swiss equities should play a central role in their asset allocation. Not because of a chauvinistic home bias or in order to avoid foreign currency risks, but because the asset class has a reputation of low risk and high quality growth.

The quality and strength of Swiss companies are for example reflected in the dividends they can distribute to their shareholders. Swiss equities (SPI) currently offer a dividend yield of 3.4%. This yield is not only attractive as such, but is a much higher yield, than what Swiss bonds have been yielding over many years.

Looking at the most relevant factor for investors, performance, the asset class does not disappoint: since the beginning of the year the SPI has gained more than 12%. And more importantly, looking at the long term, Swiss equities returned since 1995, annually compounded, more than 8%.

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