Arctic Race Of Norway – Martin Elmiger: «4th place is not so bad»

14 August 2014

IAM Cycling

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The first stage in the Artic Race of Norway was won in a solo effort by Lars-Petter Nordhaug.  The Norwegian rider from Belkin proved unstoppable in his push for the finish line which was drawn just a stone’s throw from the North Cape.  IAM Cycling showed its jersey proudly throughout the stage.  Matthias Brändle managed to surprise the group of favorites before being overhauled on the final climb with just seven kilometers to go.  Martin Elmiger then took over the team duties, grabbing himself a strong fourth place just nine seconds behind the winner.


When asked to evaluate his day, Martin Elmiger initially took a playful tone.

“After having toasted each day of the Tour de France with several good bottles since we arrived in Paris, to take fourth place now is not too shabby.  But seriously, I felt good in the end, but I had to put in too big of an effort to pull in Nordhaug.  I tried to counter twice, but that is how cycling works.  I didn’t have enough help in the final.  But I am confident for the rest of the race.  Although I would like it to be a little warmer, there is rain in the forecast; nevertheless, there will be plenty of opportunities this race including the stage on Saturday when we finish after a six kilometer climb that includes some pretty steep percentages.  If the legs are going well enough, I hope to be among the leaders.”  


Directeur sportif for the Swiss team, Kjell Carlström, was satisfied with the work his riders put in for the day.

“The Belkin team came in with a show of force for this stage.  That does not mean that we didn’t come very close to making the day go our way.  We did not plan Matthias Brändle’s attack.  With his help and that of Sébastien Hinault who was also in the lead group, Martin Elmiger might have been able to make life more difficult for Nordhaug.  But his fourth place is quite good considering the level of the competition.”