Marcel Aregger: «IAM happy»

19 July 2013

IAM Cycling

“I’m living on a cloud.  This is my first season as a professional cyclist and it is pure happiness.” 


Recovering from two solid days of five hour rides, which included climbs like the Albula, the Julier and the Bernina, Marcel Aregger could not contain his enthusiasm when talking about his first six months racing for the Swiss Pro Continental team.  Aregger is looking forward to continuing his education on the bike.

“Matthias Brändle and Martin Elmiger  have agreed to show me the ropes.  And I am grateful for their input.  I have learned a lot from them and I am still learning.  For example, I am six kilos lighter now than I was back training on Mallorca.  I am not pretending to myself that I have finished my work.  There is still a lot left to do.  But after just six months, my progress has been encouraging.” 

Aregger quickly realized that success would only come with hard work and determination.  The rider from Ägeri is hooked on racing.

“There is a big difference between the races I did last year as an elite and the races I’m doing today as a professional.  The GP La Marseillaise proved to be my baptism by fire.  I never even saw the finish line.  In the elites, the races end after around 150 kilometers ; in the pros they only start after about 150 kilometers.  So I set my goal to be able to race upwards of 200 kilometers.  Now after six months, I am able to do that comfortably.  And my results prove my progress because comparing my early February races, where I abandoned, to my recent races, there is a clear improvement in my placings.  During my last race before the Swiss Championships, I finished 11th at the Boucles de L’Aulne.” 

Happy with his place at IAM Cycling, Aregger is about to ramp up to a new level by taking part in a national tour.

“After three weeks of altitude training, I will first race in France at la Polynormande, then I’ll continue onto do the Tour of Portugal.  I am really looking forward to racing a ten day tour to improve my placings and to see how much more I can progress.  I certainly enjoy all these moments.  It’s great especially to see the pleasure Mr. Thétaz takes when he comes to see us and cheer for us at various races.”