Happy Birthday dear IAM Immo Securities Fund

1st September 2016
-IAM, Asset management, Performance

Erika Mesmer, Client Relationship Manager


After the IAM Global Equity Fund, which turned 20 in June, it is now time to celebrate the ten years of our IAM Immo Securities Fund, which was launched 24th July 2006.

The objective of the fund is to offer investors access to real estate, while ensuring diversification and liquidity in an asset class where just these two criteria often are difficult to implement. Diversification is obtained by selecting a broad range of assets offering exposure over different sectors, such as commercial (offices and retail) and residential real estate, as well as all regions. Liquidity is achieved through investments in regularly traded securities, which allow the fund to offer daily trading.

The main focus of the IAM Immo Securities Fund is the Swiss real estate market. Here it invests a large part in Swiss real estate funds, which have a broad exposure to all market segments. In addition the fund invests also in Swiss real estate companies traded on the Swiss exchange, which have the added benefit of paying a higher dividend than the funds. In order to achieve additional diversification, the Fund holds some international investments, which offer extra return opportunities. About 15% to 20% of the fund invests mainly in solid European real estate companies, for example in Germany and France.

Since its inception in July 2006, the IAM Immo Securities Fund has returned 40.4%. Over the last five years its performance has been 5.7% annually, while its customized benchmark returned 3.9%. Investing in real estate as substitute for bonds for example has paid of very well over the last years!

Looking forward at the perspectives for real estate, we see mixed signals. With the low to negative returns for bonds and cash investors are looking for alternatives and inflows to real estate are significant. For real estate companies and funds finding new projects which generate interesting returns is becoming more and more difficult. Caution is therefore important and strong security selection therefore key. Our main criteria when selecting real estate securities are therefore good visibility on future revenues and excellent long term perspectives thanks to holdings in high quality objects. We are convinced that with continued thorough analysis and solid investment decisions the IAM Immo Securities Fund can continue to deliver strong results for the years to come.

So why not take a closer look at our IAM Immo Securities Fund?