Tour of Austria – Stage 1 – Sondre Holst Enger – I had to produce my top effort only in the last meters, but I gave absolutely everything –

05 July 2015

IAM Cycling

Cycling / Radsport / Oesterreich Rundfahrt 2015 - 1.Etappe / 05.07.2015

The IAM Cycling Team did not waste any time at the Tour of Austria.  The first full stage resulted in the first victory for this team at the race, but also Sondre Holst Enger’s first pro win.  After a long day in the saddle with 206.6 kilometers ticking by, the young Norwegian rider out-kicked Paolo Simion and Gerald Ciolek to finish off a beautiful day.  This victory not only opens his account among the professionals, but it also provides ample reward for all the hard work his teammates accomplished throughout the day.

Having crossed the finished line with his fists raised in the air, the 21 year old Holst Enger was still trying to believe what he had achieved.  Generously thanking his teammates with warm hugs, Holst Enger was eager to enjoy his first success.  “It was normal that the team would try to compete for the sprint, but I still had some concerns about the climbs,” the Norwegian confided.  “Finally, I got through everything well, and I was able to give my all in the final.  I really had endless help from my teammates throughout the stage, especially when it came to having enough to drink since it was very hot.  At the end, David Tanner put me in perfect position in the last corner, just as we had planned, and I had to produce my top effort only in the last meters, but I gave absolutely everything.  I am really very happy with this victory.”

This most recent success for IAM Cycling this season really highlights the young talent within the Swiss team.  “We had planned to go in the break if there were more than five riders in the group,” explained Kjell Carlstrom.  “In the end, we just stayed calm and vigilant throughout much of the day.  In the last kilometers, we had Patrick Schelling on the front since we knew that Sondre is sprinting very well.  David Tanner was more of a free agent, and as he had the legs, he tried a little break on the last climb.  But when he saw that he would not get away, he started to work solely for Sondre.  He really did a great job.  Regarding Sondre, not many people know him, but this is not a complete surprise.  He has had a lot of bad luck this season, but now he is beginning to return to a good level, and I hope that this is only his first victory among many to come.”