The Swiss financial market

31st May 2018
-IAM, News

Erika Mesmer, Client Relationship Manager

Credit Suisse has just published its 2018 study about the Swiss financial market. Published every 2 years, this document offers a summary of current topics about our financial market, as well as ideas and suggestions grouped by stakeholders – on one side the government, parliament, supervisory authorities and the people and on the other side banks and other economic actors.

Amon topics as diverse as growth perspectives, Fintech and changes to the regulatory environment, is included for the first time a chapter about the Swiss pension system.

Credit Suisse quantifies the redistribution from active members to pensioners for the year 2016 to CHF 5.3 billion. In order to maintain the current standard of living at retirement, individual savings (3rd pillar) are key for most people and should be done over a period as long as possible. Furthermore, for the 2nd pillar, the authors encourage a political debate, not only about the subjects which are being discussed since a long time, such as the minimal conversion rate, the minimal interest rates and rising the retirement age, but also about, and this is a paradigm which is questioned, the possibility of adapting existing pensions